The beginnings of Adria Mobil, one of the leading European manufacturers of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes, go back to 1965 when the first caravan - Adria 375 - was manufactured in Novo mesto. The very first caravan was exported to and sold in Sweden, which can be seen as one of the indicators of the success that Adria's products have been achieving in European markets ever since.

Key success factors of Adria Mobil are predominantly the extensive knowledge and experience it has in the field of the development, production and marketing of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. By offering a full range of services, constantly coming up with new innovations and adapting the products to customer needs, the company maintains a competitive advantage, while the Adria brand name is among the most recognizable and popular in the European caravanning market.

Quality, innovativeness and experience are integrated into all Adria Mobil products, which offer endless possibilities for active leisure – get to know them yourself!

Adria Mobil – living in motion.


Adria Mobil, d. o. o., edustajanaan Mrs. Sonja Gole, Toimitusjohtaja

Ylin johto:

Mr. Matjaž Grm, 
Executive sales and marketing director

Mr. Marko Lekše, 
Executive purchasing director

Mrs. Mira Šetina, 
Executive IT and controlling director

Mr. Anton Kastrevc, 
Executive research and development director

Mrs. Mojca Novak, 
Executive human resources director


Mr. Bojan Hrovatič, 
Director of logistics

Mrs. Stanislava Kastelec, 
Director of Financial sector and deputy director of Accountancy sector

Mr. Tomaž Kastelic
Director of Operations

Dr. Nenad Savič, 
Director of Quality sector

Yrityksen tunniste kortti

Yritys: Adria mobil, d.o.o.
Kotipaikka: Straška cesta 50, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija
Puhelin (07) 39 37 100
Fax: (07) 39 37 200
E-mail (yleis):
Toiminta-ala(koodi) (SKD): 34.200; Production of coachwork for vehicles, production of caravan and semicaravans
Rekisterino: 5479541
Verono: SI51439972
Oma pääoma: 3.417.681 EUR
Toimitusjohtaja: Sonja Gole
Työntekijöiden lkm (2013): 842